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Baguazhang 八卦掌

Baguazhang is based on the philosophical theory of bagua or the eight trigrams.  These eight trigrams each represent a different energetic manifestation of yin and yang within nature (heaven, earth, water, fire, etc.). Popularized by their use in the divination practice known as yijing (i-ching) the bagua in the form of martial arts was not widely known outside of China until the recent past.


Baguazhang like the theory of bagua is developed around the idea of constant change.  Movements are done quickly and in many different directions with the focus on circular patterns in the footwork and upper body. "Walking the circle" is a popular term used to describe the practice of walking around the shape of the bagua which is represented by an octagon with each of the eight sides represented a different trigram.  This same movement is used in the application of bagua, the opponent being the center of the circle, a practitioner will continuously step around until the opponent attacks of there is an opening to strike. This circular movement allows for quick change of direction depending on the movement of the opponent.


Although extremely advantageous for self defense, the movement of baguazhang is also considered therapeutic. Sometimes considered a daoyin practice (loosening and stretching) bagua's footwork, coiling, turning of the waist and hips and flexible shoulder movements stimulate the movement of qi (energy) to the limbs. This in turn helps to eliminate the stagnation of energy and improves the functions of the bodies organ systems.  During a typical bagua class, students will be required to develop a profficiency in bagua circle walking giving them a greater understanding of the importance and benefits of foundation training.



  • Baguazhang ( Basic Eight Palms)

  • Emei Youshen Baguazhang (Swimming Body Palm)

  • Wudang Lao Baguazhang

  • Emei Bagua Dao (Saber)

  • Emei Bagua Jian (Sword)

  • Xiao Yao Bagua Guai (Cane)

  • Emei Bagua Lujiandao ( Deer Horn Swords)

  • Bagua Duilian (Matching Set)

  • Bagua Jiugong (Nine Palace Stepping)

  • Wudang Bagua Dao

  • Jiang Rong Qiang Baguazhang

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